Our Board Member

Shri Mallikarjun S. Talampally

TRPL Chairman Shri Mallikarjun .S. Talampally is a visionary Leader , a mentor and helps formulate corporate strategy, has a unique and an Uniqueand unequivocal role in the running of company and identifies priorities standard against which the organisation get judged.

Shri Santosh Kumar S Talampally
Managing Director

Talampally rubber's journey so far has been full of challenges since its founding in 2007 by its founder Managing Director Shri Santosh kumar S. Talampally. Being one of the pioneer in reclaim rubber industry with skilled engineers and workers with a mission to drive innovation and product development, right from its inspection, TRPL was determined to built trust among its customer, supplies, employees and Civic society in general. Each action, big or small, taken by every member of the Talampally rubber's family has helped in building this trust, it is through these conscious effort that company has emerged today as a trust - worthy supplier of reclaimed rubber.

Shri Dhanraj S. Talampally

Talampally Rubbers,Rubber Reclaim Manufacturing enterprises directed by Shri Dhanraj S. Talampally has been recognised for kids commitment with their customer in the national and globe market in manufacturing natural or whole tyre Reclaimed Rubber. The company excellent reputation and its tangible achievement have been accrued from its dynamic team of managerial structure who are instrumental in creating a strong bondage with customer supporting the company to grow in its quality and quantity

Shri Devraj S. Talampally

Talampally Rubbers, has own world acclaim under dynamic direction ship of Shri Deveraj S. Talampally by its persistent endeavour, pioneering vision, innovative technology and excellent products.With its annual production capacity of 14000 MT it caters to the needs of wild cross section of customers across the global.