Our Quality

Talampally Rubbers pvt ltd. manufactures International Quality Reclaim Rubber from NR scrap tire for applications both tire, tube and rubber molded product. Established in 2007 TRPL commenced production of the plant with latest equipment and technology followed and executed to comply with the ISO 9001-2008 standards. The production facilities of over 14 MT per annum, produces a range of natural & synthetic Reclaim Grades, are among the finest and largest in India. The Company is today one of the largest manufacturers of reclaim rubber serving a vast range of market segments from tires, footwear, batteries, mats, flooring material, belts, molded rubber among other rubber goods. Talampally reclaim rubber makes an excellent blend with natural and synthetic rubber. It reduces cost and improves performance .A testimony to our world class quality and consistency is the confidence bestowed on us by some of the worlds leading tire & rubber manufacturers who have substituted natural & synthetic rubber with reclaim rubber manufactured by us. To address the changing dynamics we continue to refine our process and systems.

Leadership Through Quality:

We formerly believe that the persuit of excellence is one of the most critical components for success in the competitive global market. The ability to manage change proactively has enabled us to grow in five fold . R & D has been the fountain head of our growth in the process. The company has developed its own team for in-house designing, engineering, manufacturing and environment protection and control. We have developed systems to ensure timely and accurate delivery of superior quality solution to maintain a high level of client satisfaction .We give to all our customers, the individual a dedicated concern. At TRPL quality means understanding, our customer’s needs and meeting their requirements with our product and service.

Quality Policy:

  • Develop product of the highest for customers worldwide.
  • Continual improvement of our process and system.
  • Quality through continuous training to our workforce.
  • Maintaining quality standard through Chemical and physical testing.
  • Quality systems to ensure strictly dimensional control and product reliability.
  • Conduct operations with utmost concern for safety , health and environment.
  • Quality through continuous stress on Research & Development.

Environment Friendly:

Our prime concern is to make the world a better place by replacing of our environmental hazards by Reclaiming the disposed Rubber & used tires. Also by doing this we have created a product which is an alternate to the natural & synthetic rubber without compromising on the product and Versatility.